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October 12th, 2013 /

People consider engagement rings essentially the most important and precious jewelry pieces they will ever buy in their lives. That is the reason it is vital for these individuals to get the perfect ones. Before you start to go shopping for rings or wedding bands, perform a little research first. Look into bridal magazines or speak to your wedding organizers how you can pick the perfect ring.

You can also find the right wedding bands personally. Once your bride-to-be learns you picked them out yourself, she’ll surely appreciate it more. Here are some excellent points you should keep in mind that will help you select the right ring from thousands offered in various jewelry stores:

-Consider her hands

Be sure you choose rings that can surely flatter your future bride’s hand while she wears it. Consider the dimensions and shapes of your ring options. Check out local jewelry shops and be sure you have seen every piece. From all these pieces, you may choose which ones suit your taste and which of them don’t.

Remember, oval and pear-shaped diamonds actually help elongate short fingers. Wide and bulky bands, on the other hand, overwhelm small hands and make them look tiny. Big-boned women who have large hands can wear bold styles and big flashy diamonds. Women with small hands usually look fantastic with delicate bands adorned with a small diamond. Keep in mind that while there are several who prefer flashy rings, most still choose the classic band with a single diamond.

-Think about her every day activities

Consider her everyday life while selecting the most appropriate ring for her. Large, bulky and heavy rings are not the best choice for women who work with her hands. For instance, typists, seamstresses and bakers can’t wear these rings as it will just get in the way of their work. High-end, flashy rings are not the ideal choice for somebody who works together with police officers, security guards or substance abuse counselors. Be sure the ring can suit her lifestyle perfectly.

Take note that diamond rings with raised prongs will snag on clothing and scratch others. These rings are not ideal for every day wear.

-Select an awesome stone shape

Diamonds may be the most well liked stone for engagement rings, but there are many beautiful shapes that your bride-to-be might prefer. Ask what shape she’d like best. You can have her select from pear, oval, emerald, princess, marquis, trilliant and heart-shaped cuts for the gem or stone.

-Get the ideal cut for your diamond

Ensure you pick the right cut for your diamond. This isn’t to be mistaken for the stone shape. The cut of the diamond refers to the depth, width and conformity of the facets. This is an important feature you need to consider simply because this affects the diamond’s ability to catch, reflect and refract light. Diamonds with shallow cuts won’t catch enough light to sparkle. Those with deep cuts will reflect light out the sides of the diamond, making some areas look darker than the others.

Lastly, decide on the best material to use. You can choose from many options such as white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and tungsten. With these helpful tips, you will surely give your future bride the best engagement band that will inspire her to say ‘yes.’

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